Walls - The Foundations Of A Home That Enhance Stylish Aesthetics & Privacy

There are different types and styles of walls that can bring character to your outside and provide a stylish aesthetic. A wall can give privacy, security and a sense of seclusion and calm.

Walls can be constructed from bricks, breeze blocks, rocks, white render and concrete and various other materials. The best garden walls combine beauty and practicality, the material you choose depends upon your budget and house design.

Curved walls open up your garden and soften the boundaries. Using irregular stones or slabs will give your garden a historical, informal look. Exposed brick is cost-effective and gives a rustic touch. Using cement is very economic and versatile. Vinyl can be moulded into all different shapes and it is available in many colours.

Whatever look you are going for or what requirements you have come and speak to us at Edinburgh Modern Paving and we will discuss the available options.