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What makes us the best choice for your Penicuik paving project?

We are a respected, reliable paving Penicuik company with a reputation for quality materials, superior services and exceptional results. Our professional paving services are available for both residential and business properties. They include: garden paving and driveway paving Penicuik services. Whatever service you require, our paving Penicuik team are all skilled and have extensive experience in paving services. We guarantee you outstanding results with superior workmanship and low prices. If you're in need of professional advice regarding materials or even design, our professionals are available and ready to help.

4 Advantages of Paving Your Driveway with Brick Paving

When you decide to pave your driveway there are a number of different materials available. Brick pavers Penicuik produced are a popular favourite due to the many advantages they have compared to other pavers. They are very durable and low maintenance. Reducing the need for future repairs, their long-lasting nature means that future costs for replacement are unlikely. Other advantages include:

Easy installation process

The process of laying brick pavers Penicuik made is quick and simple, laying the bricks is straightforward, unless you are laying a pattern. Once the bricks have been laid, the area is available for immediate use. It doesn't need to be left to set, which is a very convenient advantage.


Using brick pavers Penicuik made on your new driveway makes it safer for you to walk and drive across it. The brick pavers have rough textures which prevents vehicles and people from skidding and slipping. This is especially advantageous if you live in an area prone to heavy rainfall.

Available In A Variety Of Colours

Brick pavers are available in many natural shades, guaranteed not to fade over time. Homeowners have a choice, when it comes to the available shades, you can choose a colour that complements your house, or one that stands out from it.

Easy repairing

If your brick pavers become damaged in some way, they can be replaced easily, with a new paver, the process is quite straightforward, it doesn't even need a professional to do it, unless that's your preference of course!

What makes a brick patio different from other kinds of patios?

When you plan a brick patio for your garden, planning and research need to be undertaken. Our paving Penicuik company can give you helpful professional advice and can create the perfect design for your outdoor space, meeting all of your requirements and your personal preferences. 

If you intend to lay a brick patio, it is important to know what bricks there are available. There are 2 types of bricks, those made from clay and those made from concrete. A standard brick has dimensions of 4x8 inches and 1.5-inch thickness. Brick-paved patios are very popular with homeowners and are commonly found. This is mainly due to their low cost, simple installation and the fact that they require minimal maintenance. The rough texture of the bricks is another beneficial feature that stops the patio from being slippery even when wet. If you compare brick patios with concrete, you will find that concrete is around 3 times more expensive, and does not have the durability or strength of bricks. Concrete is also not as easily replaced as bricks if it becomes damaged.

What can we do to make your around-home paving Penicuik looks stunning?

As time passes your paving may need maintenance due to everyday wear and tear. Our maintenance and repair services are available for:

  • Regrouting and repointing of old pavings.
  • The repair of garden paths, patios or driveways, the repaving of damaged areas, and replacing broken or loose paving slabs or block pavers with new ones.
  • Pressure washing services and weed control. This will get your patio or driveway spotless and remove any stubborn weeds or moss that has taken root in your patio or driveway.
  • Our Paving Penicuik services are suitable for any kind of property and can improve the kerb appeal of your home.

Whatever your paver needs, instalment, repair or maybe just maintenance and cleaning, contact us. We will resolve any issues and make sure your paving is as fantastic as the day it was originally installe.

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