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Why Choose Our Company For Your Driveway Penicuik Project?

If you are planning a new patio for your garden or a new path or driveway, our driveway paving Penicuik company can meet all of your requirements. Our driveway paving Penicuik team is highly trained and has extensive experience. Your home will be completely transformed by their outstanding workmanship.

By having a new driveway or patio laid, you will simultaneously increase the kerb appeal of your property and increase your property's value. Quality paving of a patio, or driveway, will attract potential buyers and make your home easier to sell.

A Properly Installed Driveway Penicuik May Increase House's First Impression

The driveway leading to your home is the first place that visitors see and is responsible for their first impression. Picture in your mind a new, stylish, clean driveway and compare it to an old damaged, full of weeds driveway. Many styles and trends have come and passed over the years, but one material has always been a popular choice. Concrete block paving has kept its top position in the trends for decades and is highly popular. It's not a surprise that concrete block paving is so popular. It is versatile, it can give a modern, contemporary aesthetic or a more traditional look and is very economical.

Our Penicuik driveways offer a wide range of benefits 

Concrete is a very popular material when it comes to driveway paving Penicuik services. It has many advantages. If you are considering replacing an old driveway or maybe installing a new driveway or path, there are 5 main benefits when using concrete.


One of the reasons concrete driveways are so popular with homeowners is that they are extremely long-lasting. Although the actual life of the driveway will depend upon the temperature, environment and the quality of the installation service.

Easy Maintenance

Concrete needs minimal maintenance, in fact, you don't need to do anything with it, however by sealing it and regularly clearing it you will ensure it has a long life. The best time to seal it is in autumn, ready for the harsh weather. Hire pressure water and a stiff brush is all that is needed to clean it.

Environmentally Friendly

Concrete is composed of renewable materials, cement, sand, rock and water and is considered an environmentally friendly material as it requires less energy to make and install, compared to other materials, such as asphalt, another common driveway material. Concrete can also be recycled to produce new driveways.

Fully Customisable

The production and usage of concrete has had many transformations over the years. Concrete driveways Penicuik today can be customised with a wide range of colours and unique, stunning designs. Stamped concrete is available that can be produced to look like other materials, such as ceramic tiles, bricks and cobblestones.

Increased Property Value

If you plan to sell your property in the future, having a concrete driveway will add value to your property. Potential buyers prefer concrete driveways to other materials. Properties that have concrete driveways Penicuik sell faster than properties that have driveways made from other materials.

Is a block-paved driveway Penicuik-made the best option for your home?

Block paving has been very popular with homeowners for many years. Block paving is a little more expensive in comparison to other materials used for driveways. This is due to how it is laid. A sub-base is needed as block paving cannot be laid onto hard surfaces such as tarmac. The area to be paved is excavated and a hardcore base is put down, this is compacted and an additional sand layer is laid and compacted on top. The block pavers are then laid on top of this. The additional labour and extra materials needed are why block paved driveways are typically more costly.

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