Lawn Care

Choosing the right lawn type increases your comfort while resting

A thick, healthy, green lawn, makes your outdoor area look fantastic. Lawns don’t only have aesthetic benefits but also financial and environmental benefits too!

A thriving lawn reduces soil erosion, reduces CO2 emissions, traps dust and dirt from the air improves air quality, catches stormwater pollutants improves water quality and increases the value of your home!

There is a range of different lawn types, and depending on what function your lawn will play in life, you should choose the type of lawn accordingly.

The 4 different types of grass found in the UK are:

  • Bents,
  • Fescues,
  • Rye
  • Meadow grasses.

Contact us for professional advice and which type of grasses are better suited for your garden. We offer professional turfing services. We can install a new vibrant lawn, refresh a tidy lawn that needs some TLC or help you maintain your garden and lawn throughout the year.

Improve Your Outdoor Space With Artificial Grass

Artificial grass will improve the look of any outdoor space, immeasurably. It is a practical landscaping solution for both residential and commercial properties. The look of a healthy lush lawn, but with no watering or maintenance requirements.

Artificial grass is made of durable synthetic fibres that have been made to look like real grass. The green artificial blades are put together at different heights to resemble a real lawn.

It has many benefits like:

  • It doesn't grow, so it will never need mowing,
  • It is very durable and resilient against wear and tear and children playing on the grass,
  • It is also a viable option for people who have areas in the garden where real grass won't grow, due to acidity or shade, or due to Britain's unpredictable weather have a brown sparse lawn.

Contact us today, our expert team can create for you the perfect lawn for your property.